"CODOMORIRON" is an individual activity that turns the childish idea for various issues that has been thrown away for the reason that it cannot be realized by myself into the form of a "fictional project". Project output is proposed interactively using various methods such as web, video, game, and report.
PLANNER / DESIGNER / DEVELOPER / VIDEOGRAPHER。様々な業界で新規事業やイノベーションプロジェクトを担当し、現在は出版社・ARスタートアップ・クリエイティブエージェンシーなど様々なチームでプランニングから開発・制作、データ分析やグロース施策提案までを横断的に支援している。
Responsible for new businesses and innovation projects in various industries, and currently supports various teams such as publishers, AR startups, and creative agencies from planning to development / production, data analysis and growth policy proposals.